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  • Description:

- GB_Picker is a modular picker tool for animators which is user friendly and can be easily customized. It was a personal project I worked on this summer and took me around 3 weeks to finish with the current functionalities. I had to dive in deeply in the Qt and PySide2 documentations to build this type of tools that are highly based on UI design. I made a lot of derived classes with extended functionalities like movable and selectable QLabel class.

  • Features:

- Create movable pickers based on active selection

- Right mouse click to create picker at desired position

- Customize picker properties (color, text, width, height)

- Update selected pickers

- Make box selection

- Use LMB, CTRL and SHIFT to select, remove, toggle, add or deselect pickers

- Align pickers horizontally and vertically 

- Create and rename multiple tabs 

- Take picture or load a custom image

- Visualizing picker properties in view box 

- Showing selected objects in a list widget

- Mirror selected pickers (auto guess sides)

- Save and load templates

- Disable editing to freeze the pickers

- Hide/show settings

- Window instance never gets deleted in a scene, just hidden

- Window appears at last location it was closed

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