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  • Description:

- Transient is one of the most exciting and challenging game projects I worked on. the game was built in Unity and I was responsible for modeling, rigging and animating the girl and the monster and contributed with making some assets, I used some mocap animations for the monster to save time and work efficiently. I also collaborated with the programmers to make the state machines and apply the animations.

  • Elizabeth:

- I made the model in Zbrush, cloth in Marvelous, retopo and uv in Maya, textured in Painter, rigged and animated in Maya. The hair and dress are slightly effected by Unity physics.

- Instead of creating a camera in Unity and make all the hard work there, I rigged and animated a camera in Maya and exported it to Unity which was a much better workflow.

  • Death animation:

- I made the logo animation in After Effects using Particular plugin

  • Logo:

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